Place: Martin, Slovakia

On 14th of December 2017 Omnia KLF organised the 3rd Final Conference of FUTURA project in the conference room Hotel Bystrička in Martin, Slovakia. The purpose of the conference was to present the results of the development of brake disk prototypes to the academic, technicians, politicians, general and professional public.

The conference were attended by representatives of Kovis as a coordinator and by all partners OMNIA, ZX Benet and VUD.

The conference was attended also by Mr. Martin Svoboda from the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, who is director of the Department of Innovation and Applied Research.

The invitation was received by representatives of the City of Martin, Mr. František Rybárik – Head of the department of road transport and roads and Mr. Rudolf Kollar – Member of the City Council. Representation of the University of Zilina – Associate Professor Jozef Gašparík, Mr. Vladislav Zitrický, Mr. Lumir Pečený – from the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and communications and Associate Professor Kateryna Kravchenko and Mr. Vladimír Hauser from The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. From the association of the engineering industry, Mr. Hamerlik and Mr. Križan, Automotive Industry Association Mr. Kubička and two representative of DAKO-CZ brake system for railway cars – Mr. Mejtský and Mr. Bartuš. Regional TV Turiec was also present.

Mr. Peter Duchovič, director of company OMNIA KLF, a.s., presented all the guests and summed up previous work on the project. Followed by Introduction of short presentations – KOVIS, OMNIA KLF, VUD and ZX Benet.

The presentation of the FUTURA project with the results has been taken by Mr. Smolej.

To the public was presented development of individual prototypes with achieved values and results. During the FUTURA project were developed and produced two final prototypes of DRFB disc, the focus was on safety, thermal performance, lowering vibrations as well as further reduction of mass.